Quality You Can Taste

Our commitment to make the best tasting dairy comes down to the quality of our process and strict attention to detail at every level.

Food Quality: A Shared Effort

Across our workforce, continuous improvement of the quality of our products means continuous monitoring. We track the quality of our incoming ingredients and the performance of our finished products from the day we receive the ingredients through the end of the finished product code. Our quality is simply better. It’s what sustains our brand value and will never be compromised.

From Farm to Table

The dairy process is a closed system. From milking into tanks at the farm, transporting in closed tankers, and processing through lines, valves, tanks, and filler, the milk remains protected from the open environment. Quality is part of our core values and makes us stand out in the industry.

Batch after batch, our labs perform a variety of tests — whether sensory, physical, chemical or biological — to uphold the highest quality. We monitor everything from our raw ingredients, in process, to our finished products.

We pride ourselves on having the freshest milk around! We test our products for performance and shelf life to ensure every glass of milk you drink tastes the same from your first sip to the last drop. Although the ideal temperature to extend your dairy products' freshness is 32°F-40°F, we know life is hectic, so you can trust that you are getting fresh dairy through multiple refrigerator door openings, family meal times, and recipe-making.

Leaders in Quality

Our commitment to food safety and quality is our point of difference. We achieve the most comprehensive standards in safe food quality, meeting or exceeding industry, customer and regulatory requirements.