Local is Fresh

We believe the key to great tasting milk is the source. We take pride in delivering products you can trust, so grab a glass and taste how fresh “local” can be.

Feel Good About Your Dairy

As California’s oldest family-owned dairy, we’ve been bringing together families and communities with the freshest dairy since 1901. We are proud of our closed milk supply and believe it is part of what makes our products so delicious.

At Crystal Creamery, milk is delivered fresh daily from our local and family-run farms, all within 50 miles from our processing plant.

We strive to run our farms and facilities in the most efficient manner while having the highest respect for our animals and planet.

Our dairy partners are committed to maintaining our quality standards, participate in the FARM program, and never treat their cows with the growth hormone rBST, which means you can feel good about feeding your family Crystal Dairy products. Our Milk is why you can taste the difference in all of our dairy products — whether it’s sour cream, ice cream, cottage cheese or butter.

We value our long-term partnership with Crystal Creamery and enjoy knowing that our milk goes into local, fresh dairy products that our family eats everyday

Rob Veneman, Dairy Partner since 1994

The Original Superfood

Whether it’s whole, fat free, or chocolate, milk is an important part of your family’s diet. Pure dairy milk has more of the building block proteins and nutrients that bodies need for everything from brain development to building lean muscle and strong bones. Farm fresh milk offers unmatched nutrition compared to other non-dairy alternatives. This is why athletes, kids and parents depend on milk for energy, performance and recovery.

  • 13 essential vitamins and nutrients
  • High-quality protein
  • Excellent source of calcium

With its rich creamy, rich taste and great health benefits, there are many ways to enjoy milk.

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