Integrated Manufacturing Approach

We know how important it is to focus on excellence in quality and food safety so you can trust we are delivering the best dairy products for our customers.

We believe in continuous improvement of our products and every person on our manufacturing and quality team is dedicated to ensuring we meet above industry standards.

  • Quality testing monitors state and federal requirements
  • Validation of product identity standards
  • Moseley Shelf life Indicator Test
  • End of Code Sensory Evaluation
  • Elimination of metallic hazards in our food products
  • Screening for Physical, Chemical, Biological and Radiological Contamination

Our Facilities

Crystal Creamery has two major plant operations with a wide range of capabilities. Each of our plants has unique qualities, which compliment each other. Our Modesto plant is a high volume, high efficiency facility and our second plant in Fernbridge is a smaller, nimble facility located in the Northern California Coast. Highlights of our facilities are:

Modesto Plant

  • 376,418 square feet on 27 acres
  • 5 Plants Under 1 Roof: Fluid, Cultured, Ice Cream, Butter and Powder
  • Blow-mold operation for gallon, half gallon and single serve fluid products
  • Over 5MM gallons of fluid products and 300k to 600k gallons of ice cream produced monthly

Fernbridge Plant

  • 82,594 square feet on 11 acres
  • Capabilities to produce: Fluid, Ice Cream and Powder
  • Over 200k gallons of fluid products and over 1MM gallons of ice cream produced monthly

Both of our Crystal Creamery facilities maintain active participation in Quality & Food Safety Standards and Certification Programs that ensure our products are of the highest quality and exceed industry, customer and regulatory requirements.

  • HACCP / HARPC We follow a systematic preventive approach to food safety from possible hazards in production processes. Crystal Creamery has active HACCP / HARPC programs for all products packaged at our facility.
  • Kosher Certification is under the supervision of the Orthodox Union, the world's largest kosher certification agency.
  • Organic Certification under CCOF certification we join in their mission to advance organic agriculture for a healthy world.
  • Safety Quality Certification (SQF Ed8.1) - Crystal Creamery has embraced the Global Food Safety Initiative by achieving the most comprehensive level of the Safe Quality Foods (SQF) program. This farm to fork food safety and quality certification is recognized world-wide by retailers, brand owners and food service providers, establishing a sound food safety benchmark to our customers.
  • Industry & Regulatory Inspections - The diverse variety of milk products processed and packaged at our facility requires that we be inspect regularly by all three Food Safety regulatory agencies to verify our commitment to food safety.
    • FDA
    • USDA
    • CDFA

Crystal Creamery is focused on being a good partner and provide the ultimate dairy solution. We service regional and national customers across a variety of different products. Learn more how to do business with us: