Love What You Do

The people who work at Crystal Creamery have a passion for making great dairy, for helping our customers and employees succeed, for working hard, and for making a difference within our company and the communities in which we live.

Not Just Employees: Family

Being part of the Crystal Creamery team means that you are part of our family. We care for our employees from the first day they join our team, and celebrate their accomplishments and successes all along the way. We have a collaborative culture and are as passionate about keeping our employees happy as we are about making great dairy.

  • We believe in excellence, honesty, quality, service, and people. We founded our company on these principles, and they continue to guide our work every day.
  • We encourage and support all employees to apply their best selves to their jobs.
  • We believe that together — through innovation, passion, and hard work — we are able to produce the freshest, most trustworthy dairy products for the communities we serve.

Our Values

Our workforce is highly skilled, proud to work at Crystal Creamery, and value safety and quality above all.

We interact with every employee, customer, supplier, and member of our community with integrity, credibility, and accountability.

We achieve the highest level of excellence through hands-on management and strict attention to detail at every level.

Our quality is simply better. It’s what sustains our brand value and will never be compromised.

We achieve the highest level of service through a proactive commitment to partnership with our customers, consumers, and suppliers.

Explore a New Career

We are always looking to connect with great people that share our values and passion for doing their best to accomplish our mission. We have many different roles that all contribute to making us who we are today.