sustainabilityAt Crystal Creamery we recognize the importance of being good stewards of our environment. We are working hard every day to ensure that we are committed to sustainable business practices, which are kind to our planet and minimize our impact for future generations. Here are just some of the areas where we have focused our sustainability efforts:

Zero Waste Initiative:

Our Goal: Zero Waste to Landfill by 2020.  Currently our Modesto plant diverts 98.57% materials from landfill to other areas. Some ways we do this include:
  • Partnerships with local food banks to take product which is getting close to the sell by date but still edible
  • Use of spoils and returns as animal feed
  • Use of by-product as animal feed
  • Partnership with an anaerobic digester for processing of wastewater by-product

Energy Conservation:

Our Modesto facility installed solar panels in 2011 and by the next year was already generating enough energy to power 141 homes! We’ve also installed equipment on our boilers to update and make them more efficient. And we’ve educated our entire team on peak energy so that we can be mindful of not just how much energy we are using but also when so that we can make the least overall impact. Our Goal: 20% reduction intensity in energy usage (both natural gas and electric) by year end 2017 using 2012 as our baseline year. Currently in 2015 we have achieved a 16.03% reduction in intensity.

Water Conservation:

Water conservation has always been a high priority for Crystal Creamery and it has become an even bigger area of focus with the drought affecting California. One way in which we conserve water is through reuse. We take in 60+ tankers of milk each day and when that raw milk comes in we condense it and there is water leftover from this process. This water we use to wash all of our cases which we pack to ship the milk to your nearby grocery store. These are just some of our initiatives. Our Crystal Creamery Green Team is always looking for new ways to further our sustainability efforts. At Crystal Creamery what matters to us is bigger than just producing the best dairy products. It starts with this but it is so much more, which is why you can feel good about feeding your family Crystal Creamery products. Our Goal: 20% reduction intensity in water usage with a by year end 2017 using 2012 as our baseline year.  Currently in 2015 we have achieved a 15.57% reduction in intensity.

Additional Sustainability Goals:

Our Goal: 100% Closed milk supply certified by y/e 2015. Currently in 2015 we have achieved 88%+ .

Our Goal: to comply with the California Air Resources Board and local Air Pollution Control Districts for which our facilities and farms reside. Ways we are achieving this goal includes things like our Modesto facility commute program for our employees (bike to work week, car-pool to work week, etc.) and on our farms it includes practicing air emission reduction techniques.