Our Milk

our-milk_tapedNot all milk is the same. At Crystal Creamery our milk is delivered fresh daily from our local, family-run farms. In fact, Crystal Creamery owns and operates 5 dairy farms located in the Central part of California close to our Modesto manufacturing facility. To further satisfy our milk needs we partner with local family-owned and operated dairies, all within 100 miles of our processing plant. We are very selective about our partner dairies and only work with farmers who share our commitment to quality and animal welfare.

Our cows are never treated with the growth hormone rBST and our local farmers are committed to animal welfare and environmental stewardship. In addition to milk we offer a full line of delicious, local dairy products including sour cream, cottage cheese, ice cream, butter and more.

We are proud of our closed milk supply and believe it is part of what makes our products so delicious. That’s why you can count on Crystal Creamery when you want the best tasting, highest quality dairy products for your family. After all, we have been delivering quality products to California consumers since 1901. That’s why when it comes to feeding your family the choice is clear. Crystal.