Sustainability Tools

At Crystal Creamery we recognize that our sustainability initiative must reach all aspects of our business and supply chain so we have adopted a farm to table approach. As part of this approach we have 3 tools, which we have already implemented for tracking and communicating our progress.

Farm Smart™

Provides our dairy farmers with a robust tool for better environmental farm management.

Dairy Plant Smart™

Reports, tracks, and communicates our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy consumption at our two dairy processing plants.

Dairy Fleet Smart™

A tool to reduce fuel consumption, costs and GHG emissions in the transport and distribution of our dairy products.

Waste Wise

Crystal Creamery voluntarily participates in the Waste Wise and the Food Recovery Challenge managed by the Environmental Protection Agency EPA to monitor, track, and communicate our waste reduction efforts company-wide.

We look forward to adopting more tools as we continue to look at sustainability from the farm to the table.