Sustainability Structure

ffd146_crystal_green_teamAt Crystal Creamery we recognize the importance of sustainability. A strong commitment to sustainability benefits our planet, our people and our profits. The same is true for our customers. With this in mind we chose to support our sustainability vision with a full-time Corporate Sustainability Manager who reports directly to our Vice President of Human Resources and Support Services. Our Corporate Sustainability Manager’s job is 100% focused on driving our sustainability initiatives forward. However, we recognize that success requires a team effort. Our Energy & Water Conservation Team and our Green Team are both key drivers of our sustainability vision and implementation. We also partner with numerous external partners including but not limited to:

  • Manufacturer’s Council of the Central Valley
  • Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy
  • Stanislaus Green Team Council
  • American Recycling
  • Organic Waste Solutionshiding_cool-cow

At Crystal Creamery sustainability is truly a team effort!